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A Human Factor

I so enjoy optometry.  For me, it’s great being in my own practice.  One of the most enjoyable parts is that I could get to know many of my patients.  They’re not just another set of eyeballs.  I have seen many of the patients who started as primary school age individuals reach college and adulthood.  I have also seen patients who have retired and they relate to what they’re doing.  Many times these patients will tell me what’s going on with their family or friends.  I really feel good that they’ve entrusted me with such a vital part of their life, their vision.

We, as optometrists, play a very important part in our patients’ lives.  In certain cases, the care we render could be life saving.  Also, more common, is that we can improve their quality of life through our care visit this website.  When a number of my patients state that they love coming into the office, I really feel great.  It so makes me feel that I’ve chosen a great profession.  This is even more to the point as I knew I wanted to be an optometrist as early as my junior year in high school.

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