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A Patient In Pain

A patient was referrred to me from a friend of mine who’s a psychologist.  He was suffering from extreme headaches and shoulder pain.  He was receiving injections from his physician to help relieve the pain.  The psychologistwanted to know if there were a vision component to the pain.  In a nutshell the extreme discomfort the patient felt while viewing the computer was due to his visual condition and the set-up of his work station comprar viagra.

The patient was basically using single vision reading glasseseven though he was in his 50’s and his computer was about two feet away from him while the text he was viewing was about 16″ away.  That meant the patient had to lean into the screen, constantly fix body group. OUCH.  Also the prescription he was using was different from what I found.  One last thing.  The patient had a small but significant distant prescription and warned them of flexeril cyclobenzaprine sideeffects. that he was not prescribed for.

When I showed the patient the presciption (mounted in a trial frame) for the computer, you could see the comfort that ensued. I am looking forward the patient receiving the presciption in the next week or two and seeing the results .

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