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Another Great Reason For Practicing Optometry

A couple of days ago, a seven-year-old boy came in for an eye examination.  The mom came in with information from the school nurse as well as the history of her son.  The nurse at the school said the boy’s distance vision was about 20/50 and he had a lot of trouble focusing up close.  There was also a history of a non-malignant growth on the brain.  The mom said even though her son was in second grade, he was only reading at kindergarten level.  The school was developing a special individualized plan for his education.

When I examined the patient, I found him to be 20/20 in each eye and he responded to questions exceedingly well.  He perceived him to be very intelligent, well spoken and probably very frustrated.  When I checked his focusing ability at near (around 12″), he had a very poor focusing system.  I held a pair of lenses in front of him and checked his reading.  To the almost shock of the mother and my surprise, his reading ability was tremendously improved.  Most young patients don’t have this type of focusing deficit and response to this type of prescription,  but this patient did.

I get so excited when we are able to make such a dramatic change in an individual’s vision as well as performance.  I am looking forward to following up with this patient.

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