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Special Needs Patients

I recently had a couple of young patients who had Down’s Syndrome.  Many of these patients have problems with the teaming of their eyes body hair removal together.  I referred them to the optometry school in the area which has a tremendous pediatric program.

I recently saw the parents of these patients.  They couldn’t be more pleased.  They raved about the attention properly by the main processing by san diego jewelers their children received.  They also presciribed vision trainaing which helped their children a lot.

The parents were so impressed with the care received, they are having the faculty of the school address their support group for Down’s Syndrome.

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Optometry, A Profession That Has Everything

I’ve been practicing optometry for nearly 32 years.  It’s a profession  that is quite dynamic,  Advances in the scope of practice that we’re able to offer our patients is great. We’re able to improve a child’s reading ability as well as help adults who view monitors all day making them more efficient and less visually fatigued.  We’re able to improve the sports performance of an athlete through improved vision skills.  We’re able to detect and treat site link many eye infections and diseases.

We’re able to possibly save a patient’s life through detection of certain visual problems as well as anatomical eye problems.  Please go to the “testimonial” section of my website, and view the letters.  Also, we could improve the ability for an individual to obtain a job where the employer thought he didn’t have the GameHorizons visual skills necessary. There’s a letter pertaining to this on the website.

The last area I want to discuss is the prescribing of glasses and contacts as well as nightlife in Belgrade during covid.  The area of cosmesis as well as the appropriate frame for a prescription comes into play redirected here.  Also contact lenses are such a dynamic part of our practice.

What’s really neat is when we thank our previous patients for returning.  A lot of times we’ll hear that they “love” coming to us.  I can’t think of too many professions where this is the case.

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Feeling Like A Quarterback

athletes,players,footballs,men,passing,quarterbacks,sports,throwingThroughout my practice, I always feel I have my patient’s best visual interests in mind.  With this in mind, I am always thinking am I the best professional to work with a patient’s condition or should I refer them to a specialist?  My standard is if I would refer myself or a family member for a given condition, I’ll refer the patient.

As a private practitioner, I have only myself to answer to.  I don’t have to justify myself to any corporate head.  I know my strengths in working with patients and I’m continuously updating my skills.  I have been able to establish great sources of referrals over the years.  What’s interesting is that some of these specialists refer patients to me whom they know will be well taken care of and effectively treated.
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Business Interview

boardrooms,business,clients,confidence,executives,fotolia,handshakes,interviews,laptop computers,meetings,proposals,smiling,teamworkI was recently interviewed by students from a local college studying business.  It was really neat to be interviewed by them.  They asked about the strengths and weaknesses of business as well as marketing efforts and competition.  I spent around 60-90 minutes with them and there will be subsequent interviews.

The more questions they asked, the more passionate I became.  I really enjoy being in a practice where I can make the decisions.  If I feel a referral to another health care provider needs to be made, I don’t have to worry about what corporate will say.  If  I want to prescribe a certain brand of lens or contact lens, I am not limited.  I can spend as much time examining a patient as I want

I’ve been practicing in my own business for 24 years and still enjoying it.  The fact that I can share this with young individuals is great.

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YouTube Videos

youtubeOver the last year I’ve posted some videos on my YouTube Channel. I had big plans for it at first, I even was negotiating a promotional campaign with The Marketing Heaven, but in the end it kind of died off. The channel is still active, though, you can go to “drbobrothbard” to view those videos.
There are different videos featuring different areas of optometry that I feel will be of benefit to you and your family. Over the course of time, I really hope to reignite the channel .  I hope you guys like NYC because most of the intros feature different parts of the City.  If the Yanks don’t start playing better I’m going to take down Yankee Stadium and put up Citifield where the Mets play.

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Frame Selection

MH900174994After examining a patient and coming up with a prescription for glasses,  the next stage is picking a frame.  Besides for cosmetic reasons, the size and shape of a frame is very important   I have had patients who were perfectly happy when they received their clear pair and then had problems with their sunglasses chosen (same prescription).  This could be due to the difference in size and rap (around the face).  Sometimes the patient could adjust and sometimes we have to pick a different frame.

Another factor is whether the frame is rimless or has a complete rim around it.  If the prescription is high, a rimless frame could cause the lenses to be thicker and heavier.  Also, it’s important to see what type a frame the patient is use to.  If there is a big difference in shapes, this possibly (but not necessarily) can cause a problem.  Also, the adjustment and tilt of the frame should be similar to the patient’s old frame (unless the old frame is out of alignment).

A last item I want to go over is when the patient is given a progressive multiform lens.  If the frame is too small, the patient may run out of reading room and close-up work might cause a struggle.

In future blogs, we’ll discuss lens type and material as far as patient comfort is concerned.

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