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Computer Vision Syndrome

This blog is an update discussing individuals who sit in front of monitors.  If you’re suffering from headaches, neck aches, visual fatigue, blurred vision, dry eyes or even loss of place while reading and are wearing glasses or contact lenses, your prescription may not be specific enough for the task of looking at a monitor.

When being examined, the specific work distances (where both the monitor and text is) and height of the monitor should be measured.  Often, a bifocal or reading glasses given for normal reading is inadequate for the computer causing many of the above symptoms.  Also,  there are new coatings that could be applied to the lenses that help alleviate the above symptoms.  There is a new coating by Essilor, Prevencia, that helps to eliminate some of the disturbing blue spectrum of light, that could help with this.

If you’re viewing a computer for many hours this type of examination can have a very significant effect on your visual well being read more at Heartwood Assisted Living.

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