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Considering Lasik At 40

If you’re considering lasik after 40, there’s a major consideration.  When corrected for distance, what happens to the reading?  Some of my patients who are 40 and older and moderately nearsighted, take their glasses off to read.  It’s easier.  These patients who have lasik have one of two choices.  Use reading glasses to read or have the surgeon set you up with one eye for reading and one eye for distance (monovision).  There are considerations.  If you are doing a lot of close up work, or a drive for a profession, monovosion can be a strain on the eyes for both far and near.  Patients who already wear contacts know about this situation.  If you’ve had monovision with contact lenses, chances are monovision will work with the lasik.  If you don’t wear contacts, ask your eyecare professional to try contacts on you to see if you’re a candidate for monovision.  This should be  a fairly straight forward procedure.  If  you feel awkward, you’ll probably have to have both eyes corrected for far.  If you take your glasses off to read normally, this might not be an ideal situation leading to frustration.


I’ve had quite a few of my patients option for lasik with excellent results.  We try to cover this above situation so the patient understands what their options are.



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