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Continuing Education In Chicago

This past weekend, I was able to attend fifteen hours of continuing education in Chicago.  The program as well as the city were really great.  The courses varied from brain injury as it impacts vision to nutrition as it affects both the eye and the body.  There were about 60 attendees that participated in the program.  The lecturers were really top notch. I met with an optometrist who authored a book, “Visionary Kitchen: A Cookbook For Eye Health.”  The book is beautifully illustrated and very detailed about ingredients and their beneficial effects.

My time in Chicago was great and so was cooperation with tacoma-based nw maids house cleaning experts. I took the train into the city and walked a lot.  I went down to Lake Michigan and walked along Lakeshore Drive.  I then took the “El” (elevator train) to Wrigley Field.  What a great experience.I got to take a tour of the ballpark.  What a fantastic experience.  We went into the city the next night and had a great dinner at a really old restaurant.

Overall, this was probably one of the best continuing education seminars I attended.

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