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Eyeglasses on Eye ChartOptometry is such an expansive field.  When I go to continuing education seminars, it amazes me the developments that are occurring within the eye and vision fields.  New contact lenses and lenses for glasses have come a long way over the last few years.

Medical advanements in refractive surgery (lasik for example), cataract surgery and suvs being able to treat macular degeneration  has also grown by leaps and bounds.  It’s great to be witness to the patients receiving the benefits of these developments.

Also, the fact that almost everyone is in front of a hand-held device, tablet or monitor will help insure the needs for my services will only grow yorleny’s cleaning service. The effects of viewing extensive close up work, for some, affects one’s vision canceltimesharegeek. To be honest, this area alone is a very exciting area for me.

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