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Enhancing Reading In A Cross-Eyed Patient

Several weeks ago I examined a young lady for nearsightedness.  Everything was normal.  She then started to tell me about her daughter who had eye surgery for a cross-eyed condition.  I told her the specialist whom she was seeing had a great reputation.  The eyes for the most part appeared straight.  I told the patient that I might want to see her daughter to see if there’s anything further that can be done.  I also mentioned to her that there were specialists at the Optometry School at Western University that could also help.

I subsequently examined her daughter.  The mom remarked that her daughter’s reading could be improved.  Her distant prescription she came in with was fairly close to what I found she needed.  However, when I placed an additional lens in front of these for up close, her reading increased significantly.  This would require the patient to wear a bifocal.  I am really looking forward to the results of her daughter’s performance in school.  I also told the mom that her daughter may need vision training to help improve her vision skills.

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