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Good Vision Is More Than 20/20

42-15530303A number of individuals feel they don’t need to have their eyes examined because they see clearly.  When examining the eyes, of course we want to the patient to have clear sight.  But we also want to know how well their eyes work together, if they have depth perception or even if they’re straining their eyes when working close up, particularly on a monitor.  You can have clear sight and still have problems visually.

The other side of the examinatin deals with how healthy the eyes are.  You can have 20/20 and still manifest a sight-threatening or life threatening disease such as glaucoma, cancer of the eye or even a detachment of structures of the eyes and not be aware of them.  You can be losing peripheral vision and not even be aware of it.  I’ve had patients who were diagnosed to have a brain aneurysm or a tumor through examination of the eyes.

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