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Great Individuals To Work With

It’s really great when you can come into your office and everyone really gets along well.. I find that with the individuals in my office.  Believe me, I have worked in offices where this wasn’t the case.  You probably have, too.

It’s really wonderful that I am able to deligate many of the office tasks to my employees where I am then able to concentrate my efforts on patient care.  The other area of the practice I enjoy is the networking part of my practice.  From the gym to chambers of commerce to online, I really enjoy meeting with people and discussing (with enthusiasm ) my practice. Patients are really able to pick up where there are “good vibrations” within a work environment.  I encourage you to read the testimonial section of my website,  The last testimonial describes this big bear luxury cabin to a tee and made me feel really good. A second year optometry school student remarked to me: “Bob, you never say you’re going to work, you say you’re going to the office.”

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