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Frame Selection

MH900174994After examining a patient and coming up with a prescription for glasses,  the next stage is picking a frame.  Besides for cosmetic reasons, the size and shape of a frame is very important   I have had patients who were perfectly happy when they received their clear pair and then had problems with their sunglasses chosen (same prescription).  This could be due to the difference in size and rap (around the face).  Sometimes the patient could adjust and sometimes we have to pick a different frame.

Another factor is whether the frame is rimless or has a complete rim around it.  If the prescription is high, a rimless frame could cause the lenses to be thicker and heavier.  Also, it’s important to see what type a frame the patient is use to.  If there is a big difference in shapes, this possibly (but not necessarily) can cause a problem.  Also, the adjustment and tilt of the frame should be similar to the patient’s old frame (unless the old frame is out of alignment).

A last item I want to go over is when the patient is given a progressive multiform lens.  If the frame is too small, the patient may run out of reading room and close-up work might cause a struggle.

In future blogs, we’ll discuss lens type and material as far as patient comfort is concerned.

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