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“How Does Diabetes Affect One’s Vision?”

Diabetes can have a tremendous affect on one’s vision.  I have had patients who have never been diagnosed with diabetes saying that their vision has changed “tremendously” over the last few days.  This could mean that they can’t see distance anymore or that all of a sudden , a patient who needs glasses to see well, doesn’t need them to see.  When this occurs, they sometimes complain of excess thirst, hunger or urination.  In this case we refer them that day to their physician to be checked for certain diseases, especially diabetes and lialda.  If they’re sugar is high and they’re appropriately treated, a lot of times their vision will return to the status that it was.

The long term affects of diabetes can be ravaging.  The longer the patient has diabetes and the longer they’re not taking care of themselves both with medication, diet and exercise, the greater the chance the patient can lose a significant part of their vision, even if they’re wearing the appropriate correction visit this website.  What’s really great now is that eye surgeons now have at their disposal both medication and lasers to help prevent against a lot of the visual loss due to diabetes and the changes that occur in the retina of the eye.

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