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Lesser Prescription Isn’t Always A Good Thing

Anytime there is a significant change in one’s glasses prescription over the course of a few days, a red flag should go up.  That includes even if you notice that all of a sudden you can see clearly at distance without your glasses even though before your were very blurred.  Two reasons come to mind.   One could be a reaction to change in medication.  The second reason could be a significant changes in one’s blood sugar.  This type of change warrants an immediate referral to the patient’s primary care physician to investigate a possible cause.  This finding could be the first sign the patient has developed diabetes or that their sugar is not stable.

If glasses are prescribed for this, the prescription could change by the time the patient receives their glasses d3 home.  I find that if there is a big change, the best remedy is to fit the patient with disposable contact lenses until the prescription stabilizes red truck fire.  Often times but not always, the prescription will change back to where it was originally.  Sometimes this could take a few weeks so different strength contact lenses need to be prescribed over the course of time..

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