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I was at an event yesterday at The Radisson Hotel in Ontario, CA.  They had sponsored a party for many of the businesses in the area.  I belong to three chambers of commerce in the area as well as enjoy getting on line and discussing my  profession.  There’s nothing like personal contact.  There were quite a few individuals whom I haven’t met before, one of which was a young unassuming man who turned out be a co-owner of Fully-Verified, a company doing identity verification over the internet.  I had an interesting conversation with the man which thought me a lot about online safety while conducting business.

As usual, many of the people I had conversations with had questions regarding their own vision.  They included questions, about contacts, garage door repair San Diego, computers and vision and vision as pertaining to their family.  I sincerely enjoy answering these questions.  Of course, えっくすびでお finding out about the individuals who are there is wonderful.

A frequently asked question is whether we take their insurance.  I usually tell them to call the office and we could find out online what their status is.  We do take most vision plans. Check

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