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Optometry, A Profession That Has Everything

I’ve been practicing optometry for nearly 32 years.  It’s a profession  that is quite dynamic,  Advances in the scope of practice that we’re able to offer our patients is great. We’re able to improve a child’s reading ability as well as help adults who view monitors all day making them more efficient and less visually fatigued.  We’re able to improve the sports performance of an athlete through improved vision skills.  We’re able to detect and treat site link many eye infections and diseases.

We’re able to possibly save a patient’s life through detection of certain visual problems as well as anatomical eye problems.  Please go to the “testimonial” section of my website, and view the letters.  Also, we could improve the ability for an individual to obtain a job where the employer thought he didn’t have the GameHorizons visual skills necessary. There’s a letter pertaining to this on the website.

The last area I want to discuss is the prescribing of glasses and contacts as well as nightlife in Belgrade during covid.  The area of cosmesis as well as the appropriate frame for a prescription comes into play redirected here.  Also contact lenses are such a dynamic part of our practice.

What’s really neat is when we thank our previous patients for returning.  A lot of times we’ll hear that they “love” coming to us.  I can’t think of too many professions where this is the case.

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