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A business associate of mine said “nothing happens until someone gets excited.”  That’s so true.  I was at an optometric society meeting yesterday.  There were optometrists as well as optometric students there.  I was talking with the first year students how important it is to be passionate about what you’re doing.  I am fortunate that I’m in a profession that I feel that way about.  I work with very interesting cases where we have had a positive, profound effect on patients’ lives by our diagnoses and treatment.  These includes relieving headaches, making individuals (especially students)  more efficient readers and patients seeing depth perception for the first time and actually referring a 41-year-old patient to the appropriate doctor (after our examination) which ultimately saved her life.  She was diagnosed with an aneurysm which the doctor said could have killed the patient in the “not too distant future.”  They operated on her immediately and the aneurysm broke on the operating table where the patient lost that eye but her life was saved.  It was really rewarding when she came back to the office with a letter thanking me for saving her life.  You can see this letter in earlier blogs that appear on the website.


This is why I feel so excited about practicing, even after 32 years.

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