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Patient Conditions

Technology plays such an important part in all our lives.  One of the neatest things is when I diagnose a condition concerning a patient, many times I can pull it up online and visually demonstrate the condition to the patient.  For example, if a patient is overwearing their contact lenses, certain findings on the corneal part of the eye can be seen by me with a biomicroscope.  I can actually show the patient on the computer locally owned & operated and what their condition is.  Neovascularization or new blood vessel formation on the cornea can be very serious.  I am actually able to show the patient what this looks like.  orgy sex game Then the patient can realize what is, бесплатные порноигры Another condition that can be looked at on the computer is macular degeneration.  This demonstration to the patient is such a powerful tool in helping them undertand their eye health so go to and why they’re possibly seeing so poorly or why glasses can’t fully correct their condition.  There are a myriad of conditions that I can show the patient that are found online.  Cataracts or even the retinal effects of diabetes are just a couple of other eye conditions that can be viewed at billigaste mobilabonnemang med telefon.

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