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Over the last several years I’ve gotten so involved in my own personal development.  A good part of that is the immense amount of material presenting itself in the form of books, cds and videos.  Books from authors like Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, Napolean Hill, Andy Andrews, Tony Robbins and  are such a great source of information.  There are so many other authors also to choose from.  In addition to the books, there are cds and videos that appear on Youtube that are immense in content.  In my opinion, it sure beats the heck out of listening to the news.  As stated by some of the above authors,  it’s just as important to fuel the mind with positive information as it is to fuel the body with nutritious food.


As an optometrist, I feel so fortunate in working in a field I sincerely feel passionate about.  Most of this stems from the wonderful interactions I have with my patients, staff and the community.  I feel a lot of this has developed from listening, reading and learning from the above authors.



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