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A patient of mine came in with her friend. She was 20/20 – no need for Prescription. Did a peripheral vision test and notice she could not see anything to the right of her nose while each eye was covered separately. She was not blind, or blurred, she had no vision.

With her left eye covered she could not see anything to the right of her nose. With her right eye covered, she could see nothing on the right of the nose.

No right field of vision…so that tells you it’s the brain. As it turns out she had brain surgery for another condition, and that surgery resulted this condition.

Maybe the fibers that that lead from her eye to the back of the brain were severed. They performed a brain scan, they determined that there was an aneurysm. We gave her specialized glasses, known as prisms that shifted her world from left

To right. It does not correct the vision, but just shifts them. Her life was restored. She was able to drive, read, and work, find house cleaning service near me.  Her quality of life improved dramatically.

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