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Reminder: Flexible Spending Accounts

Do you have a flexible spending account expiring at the end of the year?  Time’s running out.  Do you need an extra box of contact lenses, prescription sunglasses, a back-up pair of glasses or computer glasses?  Give us a call at (909) 980-3535 or feel free to stop by our office and we’ll be glad to help. atlantic recovery center

Also, please check out my online radio show on  The show appears weekly at 1:00 P.M. Pacific, Thursdays.  The next show is on Thursday, November 27.  You can tune in by going to and going to the “Health and Wellness” channel.  You can also find out wide selection of wedges and about my show by going to my website at  The shows usually have guests that are experts in their respective areas of vision or eye care.

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