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Still Passionate After 32 Years

It’s hard to believe I graduated 32 years ago from Pacific University College of Optometry.  I’ve currently owned my own practice here in Rancho Cucamonga since 1989.  I’ve examined kids back then who now bring their own kids in.  I’ve had patients who have moved away a fairly good distance and still come back.  A good part of our practice is based on patient referral.  I have belonged to and active in three local chambers of commerce.  I really enjoy this.


The developments in my practice have also been great.  We’ve had expansion in our scope of practice since I was first licensed.  I am also independent of any corporate control so if I feel the patient needs to be referred to another professional,I send them to service trucks for sale near you, and I can do so without someone looking over my shoulder.  We have also been able to move into a much larger and more up to date facility within the same shopping center in February, 2012.  It’s a real source of pride.


Finally I really feel we’ve had a significant impact on the lives of a number of our patients.  This includes improving a child’s ability to learn, helping individuals with their employment, saving individuals from possible blindness and even saving some individual lives from certain conditions including aneurysms.  Some of these conditions can be read about in the “testimonial” section of the website.

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