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Testimonial – 1/13/2014

Dr Rothbard,
I would like to personally thank you for your efforts and for going out of your way for me and a lot of your patients. I am in the healthcare field myself and I do know that it’s very rare to find a healthcare professional who goes out of their way for a patient. I walked into your office last week Friday after reading great reviews about you and your staff on Yelp and I briefly spoke to Katie and a gentleman at the front desk. They were both very helpful and took the time to listen to me and talk to me about my current issue with my PPO insurance. Katie was awesome and very attentive! After talking to them about my condition and insurance problems, they took down my number and told me that I should expect a call back on Monday. Little did I know that YOU will be calling me and leaving me a personal message on my cel phone about where to go to get RGP lenses fitted. Even though you knew that you were not going to be able to provide me with services, you still went out of your way to call me and tell me who to go to. I want to use this opportunity to thank you. As a health care provider in the inland empire, I am constantly encountering patients who are looking for the “best” doctors. Just so you know, you have topped my list of “best” optometrists in the IE due to your human touch and personable approach. I will be referring everyone that’s looking for an optometrist to you. Also, please look out for my review on Yelp.Thank you and I’ll be sure to tell my referrals to let you know that “Joe sent you” when they come your way.

Best regards,


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