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The Importance of Frame Adjustment

Middle-aged Woman Trying on EyeglassesWhen a patient receives their glasses, sometimes they have trouble seeing.  Assuming the prescription in correct, the next thing we look at is the way the frame is fitting on the patient.  If the frame is sitting far away from the patient’s eyes, this could cause a problem of distortion, especially on high prescriptions, particularly bifocals.

Speaking of bifocals, a poor adjustment of the frame could put the bifocal in the wrong position leading to patient discomfort.  Another area of adjusstment that’s impoartant is how the frames are tilted on the patient.  We generally try to match the tilt of the frame to the tilt of the patient’s old frames, check  If it’s the first time the patient is receiving glasses, we have a good idea on how we want the glasses to fit and adjust the frames accordingly.

Lastly and just as important, if the frame is not adjusted for the patient correctly,  this could discomfort of the ears or nose. 

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