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The Importance Of Frame Selection In Choosing Your Glasses

When choosing your frames after your examination, certain factors must be taken into consideration.  Obviously the style of the frame and color are important.  However, the patient’s prescription could have a very significant role in one’s choice of frame.  If the patient’s prescription is very high, a rimless frame might expose too much of an edge and be cosmetically unacceptable.  Another important factor is the size of the frame.  The frame could very well look good on the patient but may be inappropriate for a bifocal prescription, especially if the patient is to wear a progressive lens (a multifocal without any lines).  The frame may not be large enough vertically so the patient would have very little room for reading.  An issue that comes up a lot is especially true with sunglasses.  If the frame is large with a lot of “wrap”, the patient might observe some distortion. Experienced Roofing Contractors can be found at company in VA. I have certainly seen this with my patients more than once.  Sometimes one does not find this out until after they receive the glasses best site.  If this occurs sometimes you need to adjust the wrap or even change the frame    The last issue I want to discuss are patients who have a big difference between the prescriptions of each eye.  It’s important that the optician measure the height of each eye in the frame and that the frame is adjusted and moves minimally.  If not the patient might observe distortion or even double vision at



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