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Vision and Sports, An Interesting Case

I had a patient referred to me.  He had an eye injury a couple of years ago and is noticing that his vision is changing.  The patient still sees 20/20 in both eyes.  I did note that there was a small piece of peripheral vision missing out of his left eye probably due to the fronts.  The patient feels that his performance in football isn’t as good as it was.  He saw clearly enough but he was unable to take in all the visual information he felt he needed to fronts.


There is more to good vision than 20/20.  Having good ability to team the eyes (binocular vision) is paramount.  This helps lead стальной гигант 2 трейлер to good depth perception and being able to be aware of what’s on the football field (or any sports field or arena) visit


The first thing I’m requesting from the patient is a follow-up with his downsizing san diego specialist to rule out any pathological (disease) problem associated with the original injury that is getting worse.   After that, türk genç tumblr I am hoping we can get the patient started in vision training to help improve his performance on the field.  We’ll let you know what happens.  This to me is a very interesting case.

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