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Vision Is An Interesting Topic

I was at Long Beach Airport heading out for the weekend.  I engaged in a conversation with a lady who was picking up her daughter.  I told her I was an optometrist.  She discussed with me that her daughter had strabismus (eyes are not straight) and she had surgery.  She was wondering if there was anything that could be done for her to enhance her vision.  I went over some information with her and she seemed most interested.  She’s up toward Magic Mountain and possibly will bring her daughter in for a consultation.  The second person whom I engaged in conversation was actually sitting next to me on the plane.  It turned out she was about 55 wearing contact lenses.  She told me that she required reading glasses over the contacts to see up close.  She also stated that bifocal contact lenses didn’t work. Here you can find quality home cleaning nyc in Queens. I told her to put her reading glasses in front of one eye and keep the other eye open.  This creates a monovision situation of one eye for reading and one eye for distance. She was able to see far and near. Check here I told her she might be able to wear this type of contact lens system some of the time where she wouldn’t have to wear reading glasses for up close print.

I so enjoy doing this.  As applies to myself and any business, “nobody cares what you know until they know that you care.”

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