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I am really “jazzed”. As stated in a prior post, starting November 13, Thursday at 1:00 P.M. -2:00P.M. Pacific Time, I will be hosting an online radio broadcast discussing different areas of eye and vision care. We will be having guest speakers discussing such areas as diabetes and other systemic diseases and their effects on the eye. We?ll also be discussing what type of treatments are available for these patients. Other areas will include the visual effects of concussion and how we treat them. We?ll be having an optometrist discussing vision as relates to sports and how one can improve their performance by vision training. We?ll also have doctors who specialize in patients who have vision related learning problems and how they?re helped. We?ll also be discussing other areas of vision and pathology as related to the eye. Stay tuned.

irst Show: November 13, Thursday at 1:00 P.M. -2:00P.M. Pacific Time

  • Interviews with top experts in the eye care industry, eye care product manufacturers, and vision health specialists
  • How a significant amount of eye problems are sight threatening as well as life threatening.
  • How one’s vision impacts a person’s ability to perform in school, work or even in sports
  • New development in eye surgery and treatment of certain eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration glaucoma
  • Systemic diseases and its effect on the eyes
  • Vision training and rehabilitation of one’s vision after traumatic injury will be discussed
  • Diet and the use of vitamins will also be a topic of discussion
Contact The ShowConnect with SKYPE is preferred.
Add contact “Voice Health 1” in your Skype and then dial in.

You can also call the show at 1-866-472-5791.

Please make sure there is no background noise in your location.


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